Sunday, September 14, 2014

Edible Weeds Workshop, June 2014

Wait!! Don't toss aside all those weeds! As we learned from one of our gardeners, Isabelle, lots of weeds are very high in nutrients and can be swapped out for things like spinach in a salad or steamed as a side!

We only learned about edible weeds which have no poisonous or toxic look-a-likes, and we also focused on the ones that are prevalent in our plots so there are others out there that you can keep learning about!

Without further ado...

Lambs quarters 
  • use like spinach: raw in salads or cooked in quiche, soups, greens  
  • identified with its alternate, dented leaves, and powdery surface

  •  poor eating quality, good on cuts

  •  a northamerican form of amaranth
  • is tasty as a pot green
  •  fry it up with garlic and serve it as I would in asian dishes ( such as korean bibimbap, thai sour soup, etc).  

Garlic mustard
  •  this grows everywhere....compost pile, along the river and park edges! 
  •  Great in small quantities in salad ( again, put salad dressing early to mellow out), sandwiches ( egg salad sandwich!), garlic mustard pesto, fantastic cooked with beans or lentils.

Wood sorrel
  •  great raw in salad.  
  • Looks like a clover, has lemony taste.

  • delicious and beautiful flowers, young shoots 

  •  delicious raw salad green.  Also delicious sautéed with garlic (I seen it on the menu had good Chinese restaurants).  
  • If you want to grow more,throw the water you used to wash it with into the garden, the tiny seeds will sprout!

Happy Gardening :)

The Garden Coordinators

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