Sunday, March 8, 2015

Memories of gardening in the picturesque Sandy Hill Community Garden

Sandy Hill Community Garden had an excellent year last year (2014) with nearly ever single plot producing its gardeners with plenty of veggies for harvest.  Our biggest crops were kale, radishes, arugula, sorrel, tomatoes and zucchini. Some did well with beats, beans, swisschard and potatoes. Due to the relatively wet summer we had, crop growth was easy. Unfortunately, groundhogs and squirrels were persistent but one gardener by installing a fence around her plot, diligently weeding to keep her plot clear and putting her dog's hair/ and urine around the perimeter kept her garden pest free.

Here are her thoughts:

"My early-morning gardening routine was enhanced by: 

- the sound of birds

- the beautiful view of the river 

-  pleasant and often informative talks with park visitors

ultimately, the  pleasure of harvesting my very own vegetables!" 

- Pictures and caption provided by A. Hartmann